We Are Storytellers — For 16 years, Winston Ross worked his way from an internship at a tiny newspaper in Alabama to senior writer at Newsweek Magazine, all in pursuit of a good yarn. There are hundreds of reporters in America who understand the basic tenets of journalism, but to make it to that level, what's important is identifying the kind of piece that might leap out of the sea of data available on the internet and be worthy of not just reading, but sharing. 

It's that quest — finding the most compelling element of your story, and an audience hungry for a good story, that inspired Upstream. 

Story ideation — “What does this company do?” is only the first and most obvious idea for a story. You’re likely staffed with a compelling cast of characters, each of whom might be worth of a profile in his or her own right. We work with you to identify the most effective storylines. 

The pitch — The pitch is where we live or die. Bad story pitches — which nearly all press releases are — tend to find themselves in a black hole. Good story pitches can go viral and provide potential customers with the best possible marketing. Credible, because it’s been vetted by real journalists

Media strategy — How do you handle it when a reporter at a major national magazine is working on a piece that won’t publish for three months and a newspaper reporter calls with questions about a different piece for tomorrow’s paper? These are difficult, ongoing decisions, and only those with real experience in the industry can navigate these paths effectively. 

Audience engagement — We’ll work to leverage what coverage you get to expand your following on social media and then keep that following engaged with regular blog posts and short, captivating videos. 


Upstream Founder Winston Ross is an award-winning journalist with 16 years of experience; 13 in newspapers and three at national magazines and top online sites, including Newsweek, Time, People, The Daily Beast and The Washington Post.

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