We Are Storytellers — Investors don't blindly sink resources into companies and consumers don't thoughtlessly buy products. They engage in story, Businesses that successfully grasp and then wield the power of their own narrative will recruit and retain customers, attract investors, build an effective social media following and inspire journalists to spread their inspiration across the web. 

For 20 years, Winston Ross worked his way from an internship at a tiny newspaper in Alabama to senior writer at Newsweek Magazine, all in pursuit of a good yarn. There are hundreds of reporters in America who understand the basic tenets of journalism, but to make it to that level, what's important is identifying the kind of piece that might leap out of the sea of data available on the internet and be worthy of not just reading, but sharing. 

It's that quest — finding the most compelling element of your story, and an audience hungry for a good story, that inspired Story Board. 

Winston helped our company develop a surprisingly effective media strategy at a critical time. He has a unique approach that’s based on a reporter’s understanding of how serious press coverage is actually generated, and it works wonders.
— Mowgli Holmes, Founder, Phylos Bioscience