At Upstream, we apply real-world experience in journalism to help clients capture the attention of a national audience. 

In a market booming with new small businesses, there’s one key element that offers the opportunity to teleport an obscure company into a known and loved brand: storytelling.

Unfortunately, most public relations and communications firms don’t understand storytelling. That's why public relations firms issue press releases.

We pitch stories. 

We start by asking better questions. What about your own back story would reporters and editors find most interesting? What fascinating trends does your company illuminate? How will what you do change the way we think, and live? Then, we pitch your story in the most effective way, to our extensive network of reporters and editors.

In modern journalism’s hyper-competitive realm, anything you send to multiple sources is instantly worthless. Our method works. One of our clients chose a story-driven, targeted approach over hiring a public relations firm to draft a press release. The result: riveting articles in the New York TimesThe Atlantic, and Vice. Here’s what he had to say afterwards: 

Winston helped our company develop a surprisingly effective media strategy at a critical time. He has a unique approach that's based on a reporter's understanding of how serious press coverage is actually generated, and it works wonders.”

Let’s find your story, and the best way to tell it.